Data Science Solutions

Superior data analytics, big data management and efficient mobile apps are essential to address the wicked and messy problems created by dispersed and agile adversaries. Today’s decision makers in defense and intelligence need meaningful, actionable information quickly. The challenge is transforming the exponentially increasing volumes of data into information that is useful and timely, and delivering it cost-effectively.

From decades of experience supporting U.S. national security customers, Adaptic understands the ins and outs of government decision-making and where existing data falls short. Our data strategy utilizes new processes, models and sensors to answer questions that could not be answered before; data analytics, big data, cloud and apps are all elements of our solution.

Adaptic provides big data solutions in real time to better understand potential threats, deliver actionable information and enable good decisions. We develop and manage large-scale, distributed, real-time architectures, geospatial information systems, and visualization and analytics.

Our Capabilities

  • Data Creation – Develop data strategy and design new processes, models, and sensors to answer customer questions that cannot be met with existing data.
  • Data Collection – Identify authoritative data sources, model the data, map APIs and business rules, and implement best-of-breed data collection services.
  • Data Storage – Balance government data storage performance requirements with security and cost avoidance.
  • Data Visualization & Interaction – Employ data visualization techniques to improve understanding and create mission-effective presentations and displays.
  • Data Analysis & Metamodeling – Integrate quantitative data analyses with subjective, qualitative, and political information for decision makers using hybrid metamodels.
  • Mission Innovation Support – Work directly with the customer to meet their most complex challenges through the development of end-to-end innovations, including operation centers, decision collaboration tools, auto-generated reports and executive/corporate dashboards.