Program Management

We work with a variety of program and budget organizations to deliver reliable, specific, cost-effective solutions to key challenges. Adaptic’s proven process results in accurate, reliable information that can justify and support budgetary requirements at all levels of the review process.

Our Process

Adaptic uses a systematic and focused approach to achieve organizational goals and objectives and to ensure the effective use of limited resources. The process uses strategic planning, program evaluation, acquisition and scheduling, among other methods, to design and establish a balanced set of programs that achieve desired outcomes.

Our expertise, coupled with a robust understanding of the customers’ requirements, allows Adaptic experts to develop and maintain any type of tool that best tracks specialized funding and most clearly illustrates the situation to senior leadership.

Program and Budget comprises three separate but related activities:

Program formulation is the process of identifying requirements and establishing a balanced set of programs for a given fi scal period or series of periods. An agency designs its programs and accompanying resource levels in accordance with national and agency strategic planning guidelines and directives.

Budget formulation is the process of identifying, compiling, pricing, analyzing, documenting and justifying the necessary budgetary resources to execute the program for a given fiscal period. It identifies and categorizes the financial resources desired and serves as the agency’s request to Congress for appropriations.

Budget execution is the process by which the financial resources made available to an agency or department are directed and controlled to achieve the objectives for which the budgets were approved.

Our Capabilities

  • Agency/department program estimates
  • Agency/department budget request
  • Program justification material
  • Budget justification material
  • Congressional justification books
  • Funds control
  • Funds distribution
  • Execution analysis
  • Request for apportionment of funds
  • Request for supplemental funds
  • Request for transfer of funds
  • Allotment documents
  • Report on status of funds
  • Report on budget execution