Adaptic offers 2 very different benefits plans which allow our Partners the flexibility of choosing the plan best for their individual needs. One is a traditional plan with an established / defined structure and the other allows the employee the flexibility to allocate their dollars however best for them. You choose!

All Employees:

  • 10% 401k contribution. NO matching required, 100% vested. Roth options available.
  • Payroll & 401k with Paychex (including Roth options)
  • Dependent Care (pre-tax) is available through PrimePay
  • $50k STD/LTD/Life/AD&D with Principal
  • Annual profit sharing: Adaptic employees work WITH, not FOR us. We set aside 40% of the company’s profit to “re-invest” back into you, our partners & teammates.
  • Annual profit sharing bonuses
  • Ad-hoc spot bonuses and thank-yous
  • Employee Referral Bonuses: $10,000 for each new hire (50% after 3 months from start date, 50% after 1 year) OR $300 every month indefinitely, as long as referrer/referee are Adaptic employees.
  • Employee-Driven: Adaptic employees are empowered to grow and develop both as individuals and as company partners.
  • Employees who bring new customer opportunities to Adaptic will be eligible for the Business Development incentive program.
  • All employees will have a say in company decisions and benefit enhancements.
  • Transparency: Adaptic employees will be privy to typically ‘held-close’ information, such as rates, allocations, and overall company financial performance and competition strategies.
  • $500 technology allowance available to all employees!
  • $5,250 in available training dollars which can be used for training costs or time off.
  • Charitable donation matching.

Option 1:

  • 160 hours of PTO based on 1,880 hours worked… accrued by the hours worked, work more than 1,880? You earn more PTO!
  • 80 hours of paid holiday leave
  • 16 hours of other leave, 1 day is company-chosen for volunteer service, teambuilding or company meetings; 1 is employee-chosen for volunteer service, gov’t closure, or your birthday
  • Medical/Dental/Vision coverage with CareFirst
  • HSA is with Further & integrated with CareFirst

Option 2:

  • 15% additional compensation, intended to offset value of leave or other benefits.
  • “Bank Time” option available, where employees set aside worked hours to be paid at a later date i.e. for vacation or holiday.


  • External referral bonuses!
  • Attend happy hours!
  • Free swag!
  • Ask us about joining the family!